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Quick Guide: Necromancy Level Milestones

If you’re early into your Necromancy journey – or just starting out – this quick guide is for you!

While the community is already cooking up fantastic guides on maximising your XP gains, this is the place for a quick-fire helping hand in finding great gameplay experiences within Necromancy.

For every 10 levels, we’ll provide some appropriate monsters to fight (with various intensities of training) and any Quests or Rituals worth pursuing at these levels. Let’s get into it!


Necromancy is RuneScape’s newest skill, which is an entirely new combat style and has non-combat training methods.

As a necromancer, you are tasked with collecting souls (consensually!) to build your necromantic power, so you can eventually challenge Rasial, the First Necromancer and stop his plan to wipe all life from Gielinor.

Quick Tip

Slayer is a skill that involves killing monsters across Gielinor, and can be a great way to provide structure to Combat training. Remember to pick the right Master for your combat level though!

Suggested items

Not many items are needed in the skill, but having these will come in useful:

  • Ashes (regular ones from fires, not demonic)
  • Vials of water
  • Bones of almost any kind - from plain bones to wyvern, to dragon and ourg for higher level Rituals
  • General combat support items - like food, prayer potions, teleports, etc

You can also get free supplies from two vendors in the City of Um - Lupe for Rituals and Sostratus for your first T10 Necromancy Gear!

Not many items give necromancy boosts at the moment - but one that does is the Salve amulet (and its enchanted version). If you have one of these from the Haunted Mine quest, undead monsters are significantly better to fight than anything else!

Level Guide

Level 5-9

Right after the Tutorial is a great time to get to grips with combat a little, especially as you learn a new ability called ‘Touch of Death’ at level 8.

Suggested Enemies for Combat Training

  • Well Suited: Undead Trolls (City of Um cave).
  • Easy Going: Giant Spiders in Lumbridge Swamp (keep their Spider Silk!)
  • A Little Tougher: Enemies in Lumbridge Catacombs

Level 10-19

This is a great time to focus on Rituals and stock up as you attract more Souls to the Well (Communions) or get Lesser necroplasm for more powerful Inks for later levels.

You can also visit Selene in the southeast of the City of Um (look for the prayer altar icon) to unlock some Necromancy prayers. You can use these while you are training - check back with Selene periodically to learn more prayers.

Suggested Enemies for Combat Training

  • Well Suited: Undead Trolls (City of Um cave)
  • Easy Going: Crawling Hands in Burthorpe Slayer Cave
  • A Little Tougher: Ghosts in Taverly Dungeon

Level 20-29

Time for your first gear upgrade! Focus on the quest Kili Row at level 20 to get your first upgrade task – then you’ll get the recipe needed to upgrade your armour. At level 24, you can complete the Rune Mythos quest to begin crafting necrotic runes, which are used for Necromantic spells called Incantations.

We also recommend pursuing the City of Um’s Easy Area Tasks around Level 24 for XP, a stat boosting Tome with a useful teleport and some other added benefits! More info on Easy Area Tasks here.*

With Regular Ink now unlocked, this is a good time to begin making Lesser necroplasm to craft more Regular Ink for later Rituals – as well as more Communion Rituals to gather Souls.

Suggested Enemies for Combat Training

  • Well Suited: Stronghold of Security first level (minotaurs and goblins)
  • Easy Going: Undead Trolls (City of Um cave)
  • A Little Tougher: Ghosts in Taverly Dungeon

*To find Area Tasks, go to the Hero menu (Sword and Shield icon in the menu bar), then click the Achievements Tab and then the green Area Tasks tab on the left. Select City of Um.

If you played in the few weeks prior to release, you may have an ectoplasmic residue in your bank. You can now inspect it to get a selection of extra Necromancy supplies!

Level 30-39

Early into these levels, you’ll unlock Multiply glyphs for Rituals, which help you gather more Souls per Communion Ritual and unlock more Talents Tiers – important if you want extra Conjures to choose between from Level 40! Multiply glyphs also more than pay for themselves when making lesser necroplasm.

Don’t forget to visit Kili and get your next gear upgrade tasks at Level 30 too.

Suggested Enemies for Combat Training

  • Well Suited: Ghosts in Taverly Dungeon
  • Easy Going: Stronghold of Security first level (minotaurs and goblins)
  • A Little Tougher: Flesh Crawlers in the Stronghold of Security second level

Level 40-49

At Level 46, you’ll gain access to the next Quest in The First Necromancer series, ‘Vessel of the Harbinger’. This also rewards you with a nice hit of 10K Necromancy XP & 25 Souls.

This level is where you can unlock the third tier of the Well of Souls talent tree, so you can unlock another conjure. If you’ve done a lot of combat, you may be able to unlock all 3 talents! You will need to do lesser communion rituals to increase your number of souls to 400.

You may also want to start the City of Um’s Medium Area tasks, which you can complete at Level 50 once you’ve created a piece of T50 Gear. Find out more here.

Suggested Enemies for Combat Training

  • Well Suited: Flesh Crawlers in the Stronghold of Security second level
  • Easy Going: Banshees in the Slayer Tower
  • A Little Tougher: Fetid Zombies outside Fort Forinthry (wilderness side)

Level 50+

Check back next Saturday for extra guidance all the way to 99.

Other Great Resources

Need a bit more support? There’s no better place to turn than your fellow players!

  • The RS Wiki is an encyclopaedia of the ins and outs of quests, monsters & mechanics.
  • Our Official Discord has a thriving community of helpful Mentors who can help you progress
  • Want to get into the combat side of the skill and unsure how you could do that? PvME is a great community to start with.

- The RuneScape Team

Quick Guide: Necromancy Level Milestones  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)
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