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"Necromancy when?" finally has an answer. Your journey to becoming a powerful Necromancer begins when Necromancy rises on Monday, August 7 2023!

We finally revealed when you can get your hands on Necromancy in our Cinematic Release Date trailer, as Death narrates a gorgeous look at the adventure ahead of you. In it's closing moments, you'll finally see who you're up against in the story ahead as we introduce Rasial, The First Necromancer! Check it out above.

What Comes Next

With development now in its closing stages, we're ready to begin unveiling more of the details around the skill. Each week over July, we'll be dropping new Insights through blogs and videos that build on what you've learned so far from the First Look video. By launch, we'll have given you the most comprehensive look at a skill before its release - balanced with some secrets to keep that magical early experience with the skill intact.

As we've mentioned before, the Necromancy experience doesn't end on release day. On top of a new Season of content themed around Necromancy, we'll also be working closely with all of you to address your feedback and evolve the skill with players. We've already got a whole host of development time set aside post-launch to address any feedback, and we'll continue to evolve it well beyond that.

Can I Do Anything To Prepare?

Necromancy has no requirements to play, so whether you're currently playing every day, you've been on a break or it's your first time playing, you'll be good to go. For those who want to be best prepared, we chatted to the dev team to get some handy tips on things you can get working on.

Chasing one of the levels below? Don't worry! You'll have an extra helping hand with the arrival of Double XP: LIVE on July 28th, giving you an extra 48 hours of Double XP gameplay time to use up until right before we launch Necromancy on August 7th.

  • 15+ Smithing for forging Necromancy Weapon upgrades
    • Necromancy weapon upgrades are earned by levelling Necromancy and completing various requirements
    • Once unlocked, each Tier upgrade will require a Smithing level 5 levels lower than the Tier (ie. Tier 90 would require 85 Smithing)
  • 15+ Crafting for Necromancy Armour upgrades
    • Necromancy armour upgrades are earned by levelling Necromancy and completing various requirements
    • Once unlocked, each Tier upgrade will require a Crafting level 5 levels lower than the Tier (ie. Tier 90 would require 85 Crafting)
  • Runecrafting for new Runes, used in Incantations
    • Incantations are not required to experience Necromancy Combat, which is primarily ability based, but massively benefits your experience.
    • You can craft Spirit Runes at Level 1, Bone Runes at Level 20, Flesh Runes at Level 40, and Miasma Runes at Level 60
    • Runes can also be acquired from other players
  • 10+ Prayer for Necromancy Prayers
    • Prayers are a useful tool in upping your Necromancy potency or survivability
    • Base Necromancy prayers require level 10, with their strongest variants available at 46 Prayer.
    • To access the best prayers and curses in the skill, you'll need to be at 99 Prayer
  • 11+ Herblore for Necromancy Potions
    • Necromancy has a variety of unique stat-boosting potions as well as effects from some existing potions
    • The core boosting potions are Necromancy Potion (11), Super Necromancy Potion (79) and Extreme Necromancy Potion (93)
    • Overloads and Elder Overload Salve are very useful, especially for high level content - unlocking at 96 and 107 respectively. Overloads made now will have Necromancy benefits on release

Useful Quests to complete

  • Temple at Senntisten for Curses
  • While Guthix Sleeps
  • Kings Ransom
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • The Jack of Spades
  • Vengeance (Fremennik Saga)
  • Nadir (Fremennik Saga)
  • The Blood Pact

We've also released some items that exist today in-game that you may want for your Necromancy adventures, including some new additions since our initial list given at The First Look. If you'd like to get stocking up, check out the list below.

Click for a full List

  • Pure Essence
  • Overload Potions (premade Overloads will update to include Necromancy boosts - ones made after the update will require Extreme Necromancy Potions to make)
  • Ashes (New)
  • Bones
  • Big Bones
  • Baby Dragon Bones
  • Wyvern Bones
  • Dragon Bones
  • Dagannoth bones
  • Airut bones
  • Ourg Bones (update- includes from Graardor & Ogre Coffins)
  • Hardened Dragon Bones
  • Dragonkin Bones
  • Dinosaur Bones
  • Frost Dragon Bones
  • Reinforced Dragon Bones
  • Subjugation Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
  • Spectral Spirit Shield
  • Draconic Visage
  • Spider Silk Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
  • Mystic Chest/Head/Legs/Boots/Gloves (updated to include Gloves/Boots)
    • (Only the Blue Variant is currently used.)
  • Algarum Thread
  • Wool from Player-owned Sheep
  • Metal Bars (From Bronze up to Bane)
  • Igneous Stone (New)
  • Praesul Codex

A massive thank you for all the enthusiasm and discussions coming out of the First Look. We hope you love the trailer (we've rewatched it far too many times!) and we'll be back with more on Necromancy very soon.

Necromancy Team:

Mods Alec, Alex, Bak, Djinn, Dragon, Forza, Luma, Neil, Psmith, Rowley, Ryan, Skyefall, Sponge, Stacey, Timbo, Thom, Wing

Supported by:

Mods Ante, Azanna, Bam, Chvigil, Danger, Dark, Doom, Dorn, Drewid, Farof, Giragast, Grace, Grievous, Harker, Hing, Hooli, Hygiea, Jack, Kylema, LordGit, Moosley, Nelly, Nemo, Nixon, Noms, Paul B, Saj, Soul, Stead, Surma, SWatts, Titus, Trey, Tsanic, Who

- The RuneScape Team

Necromancy Release Date & New Trailer!  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)
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