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We're so very, nearly, almost there! Necromancy rises next Monday, August 7th at 12:00 Game Time (13:00 BST / 08:00 ET / 05:00 PT).

With the launch just one game update away (seven days to go), we've dropped a brand new Gameplay Launch Trailer - narrated by Rasial - to give you one of your final glimpses of this new skill before you get your hands on it. Exciting times.

Getting Ready For Launch

If you're looking to re-familiarise yourself with RuneScape, this is a great time to get started. Here are just a few things going on right now that you won't want to miss!

In-Game Event: Rasial's Arrival

The villain of the piece is Rasial, The First Necromancer. As his Age-spanning plan comes to fruition, he's finally making himself known to the citizens of Gielinor. The rivers run blue with Necromantic energy seeping into the world of the living, and Rasial himself will be speaking to you while you skill, kill or die. Especially that last part...

Hop in to interact with Rasial before launch on August 7th - and collect a Necromantic item that will come in handy next week!

Double XP Is Active!

While anyone can jump into Necromancy without any requirements, there are a number of useful levels to have that support your journey in Necromancy - from crafting armour upgrades to making powerful potions that will aid you in Combat.

Until launch on August 7th at 12:00 Game Time, you have 48 hours of Double XP game time to help you prepare for release. Below are some levels you may want to set as goals to best aid your growth as a Necromancer next week.

If you're short on training materials, Time to Train is also active in Treasure Hunter - which features plenty of Proteans and Bonus XP!

Learn More About Necromancy

Wait, what’s Necromancy? Ok, If you've yet to build up your knowledge of the fourth combat style, don't worry! We’ve released loads of information for you to sink your teeth into. For a succinct eight-minute overview of what the skill has to offer, we recommend starting with the First Look video we released back in May. It covers all the key aspects of the skill and what to expect!

For a deeper dive into the core aspects of the skill, our Insights series offers huge amounts of extra detail on how everything works. Check them out below.

Rituals BlogStory BlogCity of Um BlogCombat Blog

Coming Up

We've still got plenty of Necromancy goodness coming between here and the launch to get you hyped. Here are some key moments to watch out for:

August 4th: The Final Preview (Creator Coverage)

Earlier this year, nine Creators got extensive hands-on time with Necromancy to help us make it even better. They made their own gameplay videos too, so we could showcase the skill in action earlier in development.

A lot has happened since then, so we've invited those Creators - and some others - to jump back into Necromancy in its final form, just before release. Later this week, the Creators will release brand-new Necromancy gameplay, and give their perspective on the improvements made since May.

Look out for their coverage beginning 17:00 BST (12:00 EST / 9:00 PST) on August 4th.

August 4th: Necromancy - The Journey Begins Blog

Get ready for a final info drop on to get off to a flying start!

In this blog, we'll make sure you’re up to speed on where to start with Necromancy. We’ll also reveal some of the major moments to come in our Necromancy development update, giving you a first look at what’s planned for the Necromancy story post-launch.

August 7th: Necromancy Launch Developer Stream

We're just as excited about Necromancy's launch as you are, so we'll be hopping on stream live from the studio to share in the day one madness with all of you!

Join us on Twitch.TV/RuneScape from 16:00-19:00 Game Time (17:00-20:00 BST / 12:00-15:00 EST / 09:00-12:00 PST) as we journey across various streams, showcase some gameplay and chat with you about your experience so far. We hear there may also be some Founder Packs to be won...

August 7th: The Race To World First Begins!

It wouldn't be a skill launch without a World's First race! Head on over to the RuneScape category to watch the best of the best stream their race to the top of the leaderboards.

August 10th: Necromancy Milestone Guide (Update 1)

Not everyone can be a World's First Necromancy champion, and that's okay! We're here to help you with some tips on how to best level Necromancy once you break out of the tutorial at level 20.

In our August 10th blog, we'll provide you with some levelling guidance for post-Tutorial levels below anything achieved by players at this point. If you can't play until the weekend, or you're just taking it easy, we hope this will be useful advice on how to make the most of your time, with a variety of options to choose from depending on your playstyle.

August 11th: Necromancy Weekly Update - The Debut!

We've built Necromancy to evolve with players. Each Friday until the end of September, we'll be providing a bespoke Necromancy Update news post to keep you informed about how your feedback is shaping the skill! We'll cover everything from feedback topics we're discussing, changes we're planning to make, bugs we're investigating and any Necromancy-related tweaks coming in the following week's game update.

There will be plenty of conversations and developments beyond these blogs, but see these updates as your best way to succinctly check what we're looking into and working on with the skill right now.

Rising August 7

That's all for now as we enter our final week without Necromancy in RuneScape. Gielinor is about to change forever. See you in the Underworld next week…

- The RuneScape Team

Necromancy Launch Gameplay Trailer  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)
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