Happy 40th Birthday Wishes to a Sister (2024)

[31]. May God continue to beautify your life. Happy birthday to you Ma.

[32]. Many more years in the land of the living. You are blessed beyond measure. Congratulations Sister.

[33]. Happy birthday Ma, you're a good person. God bless you and keep you.

[34]. Happiest birthday to a big Sister, God's blessings.

[35]. Wishing you a great day and a wonderful year ahead. Many hearty cheers! Happy birthday to you Ma.

[36]. Happy birthday, beloved. Your new age is blessed. Wishing you many happy returns.

[37]. Happy birthday my friend, great you ahead. Thank you, Lord, for all His mercies and love.

[38]. A blessed birthday to you Ma. May this new year bring greater grace and strength to you. Remain blessed.

[40]. Happy super birthday Mama. Wish you many happy returns.

40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Surprise a sister friend of yours who is celebrating her 40th birthday with these amazing 40th birthday wishes just for her. Birthday Wishes for a Sister from another Mother

[41]. Happy birthday Ma'am enter into a new realm of God's blessings.

[42]. Happy birthday, dear, keep soaring higher.

[43]. Wishing you more blissful years ahead. Happy birthday my beloved.

[44]. God's mercies and blessings continue to rest on you and yours. Happy birthday, dear.

[45]. Happy birthday and manifold blessings to you today and always.

[46]. God bless you more and keep you. Exceed boundaries. Happy birthday precious Sis.

[47]. Happy birthday Ma'am, age with sufficient grace. May God bless your new age. Cheers!

[48]. God has gone ahead of you to smoothen this new year in your favour. Happy birthday Ma'am.

[49]. Happy birthday, my Sis, your new age is abundantly blessed, with long life and prosperity. Keep shining for Jesus. Enjoy your day!

[50]. May God continue to bless you and your family. Happy birthday Ma'am.

Thoughtful 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

These thoughtful 40th birthday wishes for a sister are inspirational 40th birthday messages for a sister friend that is celebrating her 40th birthday. Birthday Greetings to Sister

[51]. Wishing you amazing testimony ahead. Happy superlative birthday Ma. Congratulations!

[52]. More of God's grace, love, faithfulness and mercies. Happy birthday to you Mummy.

[53]. Wow! Congratulations dearie, keep enjoying grace. More of Him.

[54]. May your days be laced with grace and your years with glory. Happy birthday Ma.

[55]. May the good Lord continue to bless and protect you. Happy birthday my dear Sister.

[56]. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity with grace.

[57]. Indeed if we have 10,000 tongues it wouldn't be enough! Many happy returns of today in good health and greater victory. Blessings! Happy birthday Ma.

[58]. I wish you good health and long life. May God bless your new age. Happy birthday Ma!

[59]. Wishing you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday dear, more of God's love, favour, goodness, mercy and grace.

[60]. God bless your new age with wisdom and favour with God and man. Happy birthday Mama.

Inspirational 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Inspire a lovely sister who is celebrating her 40th birthday with these best of the best happy 40th birthday messages and quotes just for her. Birthday Best wishes to a Sister

[61]. May Elohim receive the praises from your heart. Your shine will never cease. Happy birthday, dear.

[62]. Happy birthday dearest Mama! Grace for greater heights. Long time no speak. Glad to see you again.

[63]. My big Sis, my friend, a woman of wisdom, excellence and discipline. I celebrate you big today dear Sis. Happy birthday Mama, God bless your new year and phase. Love you!

[64]. Happy birthday Sis, much more grace, glory and goodness of God all through this year and many more to come. 40 Hallelujah to the glory of God. Enjoy your day.

[65]. May this new year of yours be filled with all-around blessings, and may it be a year of "far above" for you and all yours. Continue to age gracefully and may peace surround you like a river. Happy birthday Ma!

[66]. So many things to write about you but words will surely fail me. The Lord bless you, keep living in sound health and mind, and the Lord shall keep thee. Your heavenly reward, no one shall take away. Happy birthday Ma!

[67]. Happy birthday to our own Mummy, more strength, grace and anointing.

[68]. Happy birthday to my beautiful Sis and friend. You are a God-fearing and brave woman. You are a blessing to me as a person. As you mark your day today, may God bless every area of your life and give you what money cannot buy. Congratulations Ma!

[69]. Happy birthday Ma. I wish you good health and long life. May God bless your new age.

[70]. Wishing you more glorious years ahead. Happy birthday Sis, God bless and keep you always.


365 days of Mercy,

365 days of Love,

365 days of His Presence,

365 days of Forgiveness,

365 days of Joy,

365 days of Victory,

365 days of Help from above,

365 days of Favour,

365 days of Divine Providence,

365 days of still hearing God's Word and Voice,

365 days of free Oxygen,

365 days of Peace of mind,

365 days of Divine protection,

365 days of Divine Provision,

365 days of Faith - still holding the forte as a gallant Soldier, walking the narrow way,

365 days of having my anchor on the Solid Rock,

365 days of still standing through the Storms of Life,

365 days of Sleeping and Waking up,

365 days of Sunshine,

365 days of no organ failure and/or a transplant,

365 days of functional Cells, Tissues, Organs and entire body Systems,

365 days of good Health and Healing,

365 days of Laughter - never had a day I didn't Laugh,

365 days of Journey Mercies,

365 days of having a Happy Home filled with Joy and Laughter,

365 days of GOD sparing my Husband and Children,

365 days of multiple Intercessions,

365 days of answered Prayers,

365 days of having the gift of Family and Friends - the good, the bad and the ugly,

365 days of Learning and growing,

365 days of still being Alive,

365 days of Sound Mind,

365 days of no Heart Failure,

365 days of My Heart still Pumping Blood,

365 days of Blood flowing through all parts of my Body,

365 days of No Life Support [Declaring God's healing on anyone in this state right now in Jesus' Name, Amen],

365 days of a roof over my head,

365 days of Sanity,

365 days of giving His Angels Charge over me,

365 days of no robbery attack,

365 days of no accident,

365 days of no Fire outbreak,

365 days of no gas explosion,

365 days of Cooking without serious burns,

365 days of business activities,

365 days of no food poisoning,

365 days of no civil war in Nigeria,

365 days of victory over Covid-19,

365 days of having You around still alive -the person reading this post.



Your trust in God will go a long way to guide you in making that idea become a shining star. The reason you need God is to help you in transforming your ideas into success. Remember you do not have the strength to carry yourself alone considering the challenges you will encounter in bringing your ideas to fulfillment. To overcome such stress, you need the grace of God to see you through. The God factor is a double plus to your life since no man is an island. When you meditate and ask God for His grace to see you through in your idea, He will not only inspire you but will guide you through the process till you find success in it.

Birthday Wish for 40-year-Old Woman

Here are the best inspirational birthday wishes to send to a 40th-year-old woman. These birthday messages are thoughtful 40th birthday messages and 40th birthday quotes for women. Birthday Quotes for a Sister and Friend

[71]. Happy birthday dear, God will continue to sweeten your life and you will always bring joy and laughter to your husband and generations will be impacted by your virtues. Best wishes and many more returns.

[72]. Happy birthday sweet friend, indeed words can't express who you are. More years if Jesus tarries.

[73]. Happy birthday, love, you shall forever be blessed.

[74]. Happy birthday dear Sis, may the Lord continue to shower His blessings and favour on you. Congratulations!

[75]. God bless and keep you. Happy birthday beautiful Sis. May God continue to bless your new age. Keep shining like a star.

[76]. Age with massive grace. May God bless you and your family abundantly as you age today. Congrats!

[77]. Blessed birthday to you, Mama. Jah blessed you abundantly.

[78]. Happy birthday to you and may the Almighty God bless and keep you dear.

[79]. May God's face continually shine on you. May God continue to bless you and give you more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday to you my Sister.

[80]. Happy birthday my friend. This is your year of perfection. Roar and soar dear!

Birthday Wishes for 40-year Old Daughter

These ones are for a daughter who just turned 40th. Celebrate that daughter friend of yours with these birthday wishes just for her. Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

[81]. Happy birthday, beloved. Lines have fallen for you in pleasant places. Many more fruitful and glorious years ahead!

[82]. Happy birthday to the sweet in your sweetheart! More successful years! God bless you and all of yours.

[83]. May God continue to bless you and your family. Happy happy birthday to you.

[84]. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you many more blessed years. Congratulations!

[85]. Congratulations Ma and happy birthday. Many more fruitful years ahead are full of amazing testimonies, good health, impacting career and destiny fulfilment.

[88]. May grace and favour continue to fall in pleasant lines for you as you age gracefully. Happy birthday beautiful Sis!

[87]. May all your wishes come true and may every prayer be answered. Happy birthday, dear, wishing you more beautiful years ahead, and age gracefully.

[88]. Happy birthday to the lady who makes your world go round. I wish you all the best.

[89]. May God be God in your life and all you do, may He make all things beautiful for you and for the sake of today's celebration, may your family continue to celebrate and not mourn. Happy blissful birthday, you are blessed, Sister.

[90]. Happy birthday beautiful wifey, may God bless and increase you greatly this year.

40th Birthday Quotes for a Sister

Let these be some of the best 40th birthday quotes you can send to a sister friend who is celebrating her 40th birthday. Birthday SMS for Friends

[91]. Happy birthday to your Sweetie. This is wishing you more blessed and fruitful years!

[92]. Wishing you a day filled with great fun and a year filled with true happiness! Happy birthday Sis.

[93]. May heaven smile on you. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday Sis.

[94]. Happy birthday to my very own Sister! May this new year of yours break forth with greater all-around exploits. Keep winning Sis!

[95]. Happy birthday, Sis, your best is yet to come. Enjoy your year!

[96]. Happy birthday, wifey! Thanks for making my brother's life a sweet one. God bless and keep you always.

[97]. Happy birthday to our beautiful lady, wishing you all the best in life, enjoy your day.

[98]. God bless and grant the desires of your good heart! Happy birthday my friend and Sister.

[99]. Happy birthday beautiful woman. Age in opulence dear.

[100]. More grace and greater exploits, bravo. Happy birthday beautiful lady, more life and blessings.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes to a Sister (2024)
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