Happy 40th Birthday Messages for Sister - Motivation and Love (2024)

Birthdays are special occasions, not just for the celebrants but also as a reminder of our own mortality. Sometimes it feels like time is flying by and realizing that your sister has grown so much and is now 40 will definitely bring smiles to your face.

It’s the 40th birth anniversary of your dear sister, a lovely birthday message from you to her would make her day feel merrier, memorable and also make the 40th birthday one that she will always remember.

Hence, I have written heartfelt birthday wishes for you on her behalf to mark her 40th birthday. It’s left for you to choose the best from here.

Now, do that while reading carefully so you can pick the best from these choicest happy 40th birthday messages for sister.

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1Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

2Happy 40th Birthday Sister Messages

3Funny 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

4Happy 40th Birthday Little Sister Quotes

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

You have been a lot to me over the years but I appreciate you for being there for me as my sister the most. You take care of me like no one else would and I love the way you give everything to always protect me. Happy 40th birthday. You look fabulous.

1. My darling sister may line fall in pleasant places for you as you mark your 40th birthday.

2. May you remain awesome in all you do as you clock 40, today, dear sister.

3. You nurtured me into becoming the best version of myself. I will never forget that. Happy 40th birthday.

4. I love how you age flawlessly, dear sister. 40 looks so perfect on your face and body.

5. May you never lose your glow as you age beautifully. Happy 40th birthday.

6. You have done so much at 40. May the rest of your life be full of exploits. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

7. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and all your siblings. Happy 40th birthday, dear sister.

8. I am appreciating you for all the warmth you brought to my life as my sister. Happy 40th birthday, dear sister.

9. You give me so much joy as my sister. Thank you for imparting my life with your experiences and knowledge. It has helped me grow. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

10. You deserve my absolute respect. Happy 40th birthday to you, my dear sister. May you enjoy this new age like your favourite wine.

11. I hope you enjoy your new age like a baby enjoys her mother’s warmth. Happy 40th birthday, my darling sis.

12. If 40 looks too old to you, take a look into the mirror to see just how young you look. May your radiance and glow keep burning.

13. Happy 40th birthday, sis. I love you so much, may this new age bring you new joy and warmth.

14. You are the best thing to happen to me while growing up. Happy 40th birthday to my coolest sister.

15. 40 means great things. May you embrace a new level of greatness as you clock 40 years on earth.

16. May all the dreams you have left be fulfilled. May 40 bring you to a place of true gratitude. Happy birthday, sis.

17. You shall never be stranded and helpless in your life at 40. Happy 40th birthday to you.

18. All the dreams you have in your eyes shall be accomplished. All the goals you have written on your vision board shall come to fruition. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

19. You make 40 looks like the coolest age ever. Thank you for ageing beautifully.

20. You are a force to reckon with at age 40. May your life keep challenging the status quo in such a beautiful and incredible manner. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

Happy 40th Birthday Sister Messages

Thank you for coming into the world as my sister cause it’s being one of my greatest blessings. I can’t begin to count how many times you have showed up for me. I really appreciate you, sister. Happy 40th birthday sis. Enjoy your new age.

21. I am glad you have come this far. It also pleases me to tell you that you still have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t feel old already cause you are still young. Happy 40th birthday, dear.

22. You will not fail at 40 but instead, be celebrated. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

23. You will move from greatness to greatness. May your life keep going forward. Happy 40th birthday, dear.

24. Your new age shall be fantastic in all ways. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

25. May you never fall down at this point in your life. Instead, you shall keep thriving and flying like an eagle. Happy 40th birthday.

26. Good news, sis, you clock 40, today. I’m happy to be the first to wish you a phenomenal new age.

27. May 40 be kind to you in such a way your former ages have never been. Happy birthday, darling sis.

28. Your loving brother will love to wish you a happy 40th birthday. May you love this age than life itself.

29. Happy 40th birthday, sis. What is a birthday wish without wishes for long life? Hence, I wish you long life in good health. Enjoy your day, sis.

30. You shall grow in all that you do. I pray that 40 shall look good on you. Happy birthday, sis.

31. My dear sister, enjoy your new age as a child relishes her mother’s warmth. Happy 40th birthday sis.

32. To clock a new age is to make better wishes. Hence I make a wish on your behalf; may all your dreams come to pass at 40. Happy birthday, sis.

33. Sis, I am grateful to you for always bringing me closer to you. Happy 40th birthday, sis. May you enjoy lasting happiness.

34. Your new age shall because you to see life more beautifully. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

35. You are the best thing to ever happen to the number 40. Thank you for making 40 years on earth look good. Happy birthday, my precious sis.

36. You are the sister everyone loves to have. Thank you for giving your siblings your all. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

37. I have seen you grow from nothing to something. May this new year of your life cause me to see you move one glory to glory. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

38. Don’t move on to in large with the troubles and pains of yesteryears. 40 signifies the start of a new and joyful phase for you. Learn to embrace it wholly. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

39. I would choose you as my sister all over again as you clock 40, today. Enjoy your new age, sis.

40. May this new age reveal your awesomeness to the world. Happy 40th birthday, darling.

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Dear sis, 40 years is just another age. It doesn’t make you look old at all. Instead, you look younger than you have always been. What a lucky birthday girl you are. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

41. I would have made the sweetest birthday cake for you but then I remember you are now 40. Happy 40th birthday, sis. Welcome to the age of eating responsibly.

42. 40 used to look so old until you hijacked it and made it look so young. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

43. 40 didn’t make you young, your made 40 look young instead. Kudos to you. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

44. You don’t have to worry about how 40 looks on you. You always look good anyway. Happy birthday, sis.

45. I wish I was 40 cause you make 40 looks like a starting point. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

46. Don’t forget to wish me well to 40, cause it made you look younger than 39. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

47. May 40 birth your true love story. Happy 40th birthday, my dear sister.

48. You are the reason I want to clock 40 so quickly. May you never stop inspiring us to age better.

49. May your strength triple at 40. Happy 40th birthday, sir.

50. I am so happy to see you setting new records at 40. I wish you many exploits at this new age. Happy 40th birthday, dear.

51. You shall never fail in your 40s. Instead, you will be a tremendous blessing. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

52. I wish everyone could look this fabulous at 40 but you are one-of-a-kind. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

53. May your wisdom grow fonder as you clock 40 today, sis. Happy birthday to my darling sister.

54. You are such a responsible sister. May you never be anything less. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

55. You shall keep leading the way of anything good. Happy 40th birthday to you, sis.

56. I love to see you grow. Hence, on your 40th birthday, I pray you never stop growing. Happy 40th birthday, sis.

57. My dear sister, I just wanted to say that 40 is not new age. It is the continuation of your current age! Congratulations on clocking this age successfully and maintaining its beauty over the years. I love you!

58. Dear sister on this momentous occasion I am grateful to report that you have managed to stay an hour ahead of your time, as usual. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, an extra hour of time every day!

59. I am happy my sister turns forty today, even though the idea of us being twins scares me. I just want to thank you for everything. You’ve grown up to be such a fine lady, and I am proud to have you as my sister. I love you always. Happy birthday!

60. We have grown up together, all through our life. Your presence is enough to make any occasion special. You are a precious gem and I dedicate this song to saying thank you. Happy 40th birthday, sis!

61. Forty is just a number. What matters most is the beautiful soul behind the number. I salute you for all that you do, your selflessness and your righteous approach to life. Today, on your 40th birthday, I wish you the peace and love that truly define your life. You deserve no less than that. May God give you 40 more years to live a beautiful life.

Happy 40th Birthday Little Sister Quotes

You are not just my sister but also my best friend, you are the one who understands me and helps me when I am at a crossroads in life. I am thankful for all that you have done; God bless you this 40th birthday of your life.

62. Happy 40th Birthday to my beautiful big sister! We have shared a lot of special moments. You are my mentor, my confidant, and my best friend. I am so happy to have you in my life.

63. Your love and tenderness have made me the person I am today. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you most. My achievements are evident because of your help and encouragement! I am lucky to have a sister like you. As we celebrate your 40th birthday, I wish you good health and lots of happiness.

64. Happy 40th birthday to my best friend I call my little sister. We have grown up together and like sisters, we have our ups and downs but no matter what we are always there for each other. When I was terribly sick you were there with me in the hospital every day to help me through it.

65. You have grown and come a long way to make yourself both a mother and a wife. May your new year bring you all the success you deserve on your 40th birthday. I hope that the next one will be even better, so keep working hard and never give up.

66. So today is the big day when you officially become one half of a century! I remember when we were young and mom used to count your age in quarters and halves. And now, here we are about to make the biggest celebration for this landmark in your life. Happy birthday to my amazing big sister!

67. We’ve always shared dreams, hopes and exciting times. I know that you’re one of the most courageous women I have had the honour of knowing. Your friendship means a lot to me and I, more than ever, want to be at your side and continue to share with you all my best moments. Have the best time of your life and let these 40 years be memorable ones.

68. Today, I have decided that I am going to be your guardian angel from here on. I shall do everything on my part to make sure you achieve the dreams you yearn for. We’ve been through a lot together and you’ve seen me in every colour of the spectrum – as it were. There’s an M&M that’s completely white; and with you, I see every shade of life mirrored in a pitch-perfect manner. Congratulations on your 40th birthday!

69. You were once a cute little girl, I still remember how we used to play and romp around in the garden. But as the years went on, you became more influential, your words and actions have the power to move me. Life is so much worthwhile to live now because of your presence. Here’s wishing you a very happy 40th birthday and many happy returns in life.

70. You are amazing, you are simply the best. You have brought joy to my world and I would never trade you for anything in the world. When things go wrong, I think before I act because your opinion matters so much to me. Have a happy 40th birthday!

71. Today should be a global holiday to celebrate great souls, like my little sister, who has brought light to a dark world such as the one we live in. You have made life worth living, and dreams worth chasing. I appreciate you forever standing by me and making the journey much easier. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy 40th birthday!

72. Today is the day to tell you how important you have been in my life. I am grateful for everything you have done for me. God bless you. Wishing you a happy 40th birthday.

73. Happy 40th birthday to the most amazing, wonderful sister in the whole world! You deserve all of the happiness in the world! I am thankful that God allowed me to be your big brother. You are my best friend and I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

74. Life is never easy and ever beautiful. Turning 40 has been a sign that life is getting tougher but also much more beautiful in many ways. While it is upon us, I want to congratulate you and wish you a happy birthday! I hope your wishes come true and I hope to see you smile because you will always be my little sister.

75. 40. 40 what? 40 wishes, 40 dreams, 40 years of sharing unconditional love and care. I never want to let anyone or anything hurt you because I love you too much and cherish you. Enjoy this day and know that only continue to grow closer to your big sister at all times. Love ya, Sis!

76. Dearest sister, I know how hard it is to be forty. You have grown up so fast and yet we are still young at heart. I love you, sis. You are an inspiration and I am proud to have you as my sister. Wish you a very happy 40th birthday!

77. We have been through so much together and I can’t believe you are already 40-years-old. Happy Birthday, dear! Mom will be so glad to see your beautiful face again. I have always adored you. Let’s celebrate by having a fantastic time!

78. We have been through a lot of good times and bad together. I hope that you have grown more mature with age, but I know for sure that your good-natured humour will never fade. Hope your 40th birthday celebration is the best ever!

79. Happy 40th birthday, sis. You are my dearest sister. A role model and the idol from the time we were young. You remained a guiding light in our family. You have carried us all along. I am sorry for not being able to spend this special day with you. Forgive me, but at least I can share it on here. Enjoy and may the cuteness last forever!

80. There is absolutely no way I would be the person I am today without my little sister by my side. You are a wonderful woman and I know you will always remain so. Your birthday should serve as a reminder to stay humble and love life. Here’s wishing you a happy 40th birthday!

81. You have always been my inspiration, my hero and my friend. I will always remember the time when you would silently play with me in the living room and pretend to be a princess or a warrior, or something else just for my amusem*nt. You were the best sister. I really love you, happy 40th birthday, sister.

82. So you’re turning the big 4-0?! I’ve got to say that is a pretty huge milestone! Of course, I remember when you were born. I even helped mum take care of you when you were a baby! Since then, you’ve been my best friend and role model. You are beautiful, caring, and one of the greatest people I know. On this day, let’s celebrate how far we have come and how much we have achieved.

83. On this defining moment in your life, I promise to support you every step of the way. You mean a lot to me. Wish you good health and happiness. Happy 40th birthday little sister.

84. You are one of my best friends even though you are my sister and I am so glad to have you in my life. Your friendship is something that can never be replaced, and it’s hard to believe you’re already 40 years old. I hope your birthday will be a fruitful one. I know your dreams have come true and I wish for nothing else but happiness for you.

85. I have always had the pleasure of doing things with you. Every day is a memorable one when you are around! I am happy that we have an understanding and that we can just talk things over without problems. I know the 40th birthday highlighted your life because you reached the biggest milestone, but remember it also means new adventures are waiting for you and I can’t wait to be part of it.

86. As a little sister, you always stood side by side with me and made a difference in my life. You have encouraged me and kept me going, in times of difficulty you were always there to lend a helping hand. I am grateful to have had a friend such as you and am glad to call you my sister. I love you and wish you a very happy 40th birthday.

87. It’s your birthday today and I just want to say that there is nobody on this earth who means much more to me than you do. You are the best sister in the entire world and I am glad that we share the same birthday.

88. Like a sister, you are able to be there for me like no other person. You have been with me for the good and the bad times, and will continue to. I am lucky to have you as my sister, and the joys of life will always increase when we are together. I want you to know that I love you very much and hope that your birthday is filled with joy.

89. The best birthday wishes to my sweetest sister! Even though we may disagree at times, and are on different paths in life, I still want you to know how special you are to me. I am happy that I have a sister as loyal and caring as you. Have a fantastic 40th birthday, sis.

90. As your big sister I am so proud of you. You have grown into such a wonderful, loving and caring person. Thanks for always being there for me when I have needed you. I love you a lot, and can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you.
91. You took me into your life, shared every little thing with me, and made my childhood filled with joy and laughter. Now as a 40-year-old, you have grown to be someone I can learn a lot from. I love you; please stay healthy and happy forever.

92. You are such a precious jewel. As you turn 40 today, you will become more fantastic in all your ways. Happy birthday, sis.

93. Though a little sister, you have shown me how to take giant steps. Happy 40th birthday, sis. Thank you for all you do.

94. I am happy to know you as my sister. May this 40th birthday bring you true love and happiness.

95. Whatever blessings you want shall be yours as you clock 40 years, today. Happy birthday, sis.

96. I am so happy that you came into the world 40 years ago—happy 40th birthday to my grown-up little sister.

97. May you always be happier as you grow older. Happy 40th birthday, sis. You make 40 looks so young.

98. Looking at you, sis, you are the best thing to ever be seen in the world on a day like this 40 years ago. Happy 40th birthday, my sister.

99. I love you for always being a wonderful sister. Even your naughtiness draws me closer to you, sis. I wish you a fantastic 40th birthday, sis.

100. May your 40th year give you peace and joy. May it bring you all the good gifts money can’t buy. Happy 40th birthday, sir.

With the happy 40th birthday messages for your sister you just read, no doubt, you will make your sister’s day special.

Congrats on picking the best 40th birthday quotes for your sister.

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Thank you.

Happy 40th Birthday Messages for Sister - Motivation and Love (2024)
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