40th Birthday Wishes for Sister (2024) - Sweet Love Messages (2024)

Sisters. They can be annoying and can get on your nerves a lot, but they are also your best friends and always have your back in any situation. Living 40 years on this earth is no small feat, and it is a milestone that should be celebrated with cake, balloons, gifts, and sweet words.

This list of 100 40th birthday wishes for sister will help you find the words to describe what you think and how you feel about your sister, and they will also make her feel loved on her special day. Some of them are funny, which highlights the fun that siblings have with each other, no matter how old they get. Just use any of these 40th birthday wishes for sister and make her feel great on her birthday, and please share this post with your family and friends who need birthday wishes for their sisters as well.


Happy 40th Birthday Messages and Quotes for Your Sister

There’s a place of birthday wishes for your sister at 40, beside the lovely gifts you can give her. Use these happy 40th birthday messages, wishes and quotes with prayers for your sister on her 40th birthday. Special and meaningful 40th birthday wishes for your elder sister or younger sister.

1. You are a year older today, and you have several more years to go to be great, happy, and successful. Happy 40th Birthday to you, sister.

2. I thank God every day for making you, my sister. You are such a blessing to me! Happy 40th Birthday sister.

3. You have always been my role model. Since we were little, I looked up to you and imitated you as much as I could. Thank you for being the best role model ever. Happy 40th Birthday sweet sister.

4. You have known me since I was born, and you still like me! Happy 40th Birthday to my darling sister.

5. Wishing you love and lots of laughter on your 40th birthday. I love you!

6. Age is just a number, what matters is how long we have been sisters. Happy 40th Birthday to the best sister in the world.

7. You are loved, blessed, and favored. Happy 40th Birthday to you, sweet sister.

8. Pride is my middle name all because you are my sister. Happy 40th Birthday, may you live long and prosper!

9. My sister who is closer to me than a brother, I love you. Happy 40th Birthday!

10. I always know that I can call you for inspiration when I need it. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

11. My personal hype-woman, you deserve some accolades. Happy 40th Birthday!

12. I have no idea why people complain about their sisters because you are the best. Happy 40th Birthday sister dear, I love you.

13. 40 kisses and 40 hugs to you on your 40th birthday!

14. We used to stay up at night, gisting under the covers. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since then. Happy 40th Birthday dear sister.

15. You have been a blessing to many as a friend. You have been a blessing to me as a sister. Happy 40th Birthday sister, I love you.

16. Wishing you one thousand and forty birthday wishes today!

17. God had me in mind when He created you. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

18. Like Snow White, the birds provide a soundtrack whenever you are outside. Happy 40th Birthday,dear sister.

19. You complete me. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

20. Your husband knows he is a blessed man to have you. Happy 40th Birthday sister, you are a true rockstar.

21. Your children are blessed to call you mother. Happy 40th Birthday!

22. Today is all about you, sister. Happy 40th Birthday, you are loved by all.

23. Wishing you long life and prosperity on your 40th birthday.

24. Wishing you eternal joy and peace! Happy 40th Birthday sister.

25. Today is the only day you can get me to do anything for you. Happy 40th Birthday!

26. Just because it’s your birthday, I’ll let you win at games. Happy 40th Birthday to the best sister in the world.

27. I love you, but I am still eating a lot of your cake. Happy 40th Birthday Sis!

28. I’m breaking out my best bottle of wine for you because it’s your day. Happy 40th Birthday to the best sister in the world.

29. Coffee and cake are a good combination for your birthday. Have a wonderful day today sister, Happy 40th Birthday.

30. The rain is not going to dull your shine today. Happy 40th Birthday!

31. My secret keeper, my best friend, my forever sister. Happy 40th Birthday.

32. Age will never keep us apart. We will always be together because we are sisters. Happy 40th Birthday.

33. When I say ‘Happy Birthday’, I also mean ‘I love you’. Happy 40th Birthday sister, you rock!

34. Happy 40th birthday to the most special human on earth!

35. People say life starts at 30. In your case, life starts at 40. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

36. You have lived a full life, and it has only just begun. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

37. Continue being an inspiration to the world. Happy 40th Birthday sister dear.

38. Your life is a testimony of goodness and mercy. Continue to enjoy favor and grace. Happy 40th Birthday to my sister.

39. Anything you couldn’t do in your 30s, you will do now that you are in your 40s. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

40. When did you turn 40? Was it not yesterday that you were 30? Lol, happy birthday sister dear, I love you.

41. You really don’t look 40 years old. Tell me, what is your secret? Happy 40th Birthday sister dear.

42. Well, now you have just 20 years left, then you will retire. Happy 40th Birthday!

43. Time sure does go fast. Just yesterday we were playing in our backyard, and now you’re 40 years old. Happy Birthday, sister, I love and cherish you.

44. May you not experience a mid-life crisis in Jesus’ name! Happy 40th Birthday to the best sister in the world.

45. You are aging so gracefully, and you will continue to do so even when you are a hundred. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

46. I can’t wait to see how you handle being 40. Happy Birthday, sister!

47. You are beauty personified. 40 looks good on you. Happy 40th Birthday my sister.

48. Your life is a beautiful, colorful tapestry of experiences and memories, and you will continue to add to that beauty and wonder. Happy 40th Birthday sisterly.

49. Don’t mind the gray hair: it only adds character to your face. Happy 40th Birthday, my darling sister.

50. They say that gray hair is a sign of wisdom. Does that mean you were not wise before? Happy 40th Birthday to the wisest sister in the world.

51. You may be feeling more waist pain at this age, but you will always be young at heart. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

52. 40 more years to 80! Are you excited? Because I am excited for you! Happy 40th Birthday sister!

53. Does this new age mean we cannot go clubbing again? LOL, Happy 40th Birthday to my ever-young sister.

54. Now you understand why our parents were always grumpy and tired because you have reached that age too! Happy 40th Birthday sister.

55. Being 40 is not the beginning of boredom, my sister. Being 40 is the beginning of more running around and more responsibilities. I hope you enjoy every moment of it. Happy 40th Birthday!

56. This is the age where you will deal with over-active children and new promotion at work. Your life has just become more exciting. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

57. Every year you get older is a blessing from God. Turning 40 is an even bigger blessing. Happy 40th Birthday sister.

58. The energy you had when you were 20 is less now, but that is a good thing because the energy you have now will be used for better, greater things. Happy 40th Birthday to my dear sister.

59. My biggest cheerleader is 40 years old! Happy 40th birthday sister, I love you.

60. You were always like a mother to me growing up, and I know your children will celebrate you the same way I am celebrating you. Happy 40th Birthday to my darling sister.

61. My friends sometimes think that I am the older sister! Happy 40th birthday to my ever-young sister.

62. You don’t even have as much white hair as I thought you would have. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

63. Today is your day, so we’re drinking expensive wine and popping champagne. Happy 40th Birthday my darling sister.

64. Your life has been an incredible journey, and the ride is just beginning. I celebrate you, the best sister in the world. Happy 40th Birthday!

65. I speak success and strong health to you as you turn 40. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

66. A toast to my sister as she turns 40 today. Happy 40th Birthday!

67. The good thing about being 40 is, today you will know who your true friends are from the wishes you will receive. I will always be your truest friend. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

68. You are 40 years old now, which means the sweet things you eat will reduce. This is the last piece of cake you are eating until next year. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

69. Wishing you plenty of rain and sunshine and abundant harvest in this your new age. Happy 40th Birthday sister, I love you!

70. To my wise, strong, and beautiful sister: Happy 40th Birthday.

71. Imagine the Facebook messages you are receiving right now. Let me make my own short: Happy 40th Birthday sister!

72. Happy 40th Birthday to the world’s best sister! Wishing you all the best as you enter this new milestone in your life.

73. Life has just begun for you, darling sister, so live life to the fullest! Don’t let your age hold you back. Happy 40th Birthday!

74. I learned so much from you as a child and as an adult. I pray you continue to bless others as you have blessed me. Happy 40th Birthday big sister!

75. We turned 40 3 minutes apart! Happy 40th Birthday to my loving twin sister.

76. It is a joy to celebrate you today my dear. Happy 40th Birthday to my awesome sister.

77. Happy 40th Birthday big sister, may you have many more special occasions like this to celebrate.

78. Today is a day of relaxation for you; you can continue the running around tomorrow. Happy 40th Birthday sister, I love you.

79. Turning 40 means God has upgraded your level of enjoyment. Happy 40th Birthday sister!

80. Wishing you a day filled with love and joy and fun. Happy 40th Birthday sis!

81. To my special person on her special day: Happy 40th Birthday sis, I love you.

82. Thank you for being such a wonderful sister. I wish you more decades of prosperity and love. Happy 40th Birthday!

83. Just as you cannot get back the years that have passed, you cannot do anything about the gift I did not get for you. Happy 40th Birthday sister, you are loved!

84. Just because you are 40 years old doesn’t mean that you are no longer my baby sister. Happy 40th Birthday dear, I love you.

85. You are the best sister in the world! But you are also my only sister, so I don’t have many options to choose from. Happy 40th Birthday!

86. 40 is the perfect age to chase those dreams and catch them. Happy 40th Birthday sis!

87. You are 40 years old, but I will put only one candle on your cake. Any more and the cake will burn. Happy 40th Birthday to my darling sister.

88. As my older sister, you paved the way for me to have an easier life. Thank you, and I love you. Happy 40th Birthday!

89. To the sister who always had my back
To the sister who was always there for me
Happy 40th Birthday.

90. My baby sister has turned the big 4-0! Don’t worry, I’ll give you pointers on how to be 40. Happy 40th Birthday sis.

91. Be open to the good things that can happen to you in this new age. Happy 40th Birthday sister, you’ve got this!

92. To reach 40 years old is a marvel. You are blessed to have come this far, and God is taking you even farther. Happy 40th Birthday sister, love you!

93. Just because retirement age is close by doesn’t mean that you will stop living. Stay active sister, and continue to achieve those lofty goals of yours. Happy 40th Birthday!

94. As you appreciate this new age, you are positioning yourself for higher elevation. Happy 40th Birthday to my dear sister.

95. The hearts of men are open to you, and you have favor on every side! Happy 40th Birthday sister!

96. If you are worried about looking old, need I remind you that there is always plastic surgery? Happy 40th Birthday darling sis, enjoy!

97. These years sure do run fast, but it is so that your breakthroughs can come faster. Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful sister.

98. Enjoy mighty breakthroughs and manifestations in this new age, my dear. Happy 40th Birthday to the most deserving sister in the world.

99. You are not too old to not understand what WULLNP means. Happy 40th Birthday to my awesome older sister!

100. Think happy thoughts, so that your days may be long. Don’t worry about anything, ’cause God has it all under control. Happy 40th Birthday big sis!

This collection of 40th birthday wishes for sister can be used for an older sister, a younger sister, a twin sister, and even a sister-in-law.

Please post a comment about your favorite 40th birthday message for sister, and always remember to share this post with others who want to celebrate their sisters on their 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Wishes for Sister (2024) - Sweet Love Messages (2024)
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