40th Birthday Ideas For 2024 Available At Gifts Australia (2024)

40th Birthday Gifts Australia

A 40th birthday is one of the most celebrated milestone birthdays. Although some may dread the big 4-0, it's truly a time to embrace life. There's no better way to encourage celebration then showering the celebrant with fantastic 40th birthday gifts. As they say, 'life begins at forty' so why not start living to the fullest?

Gifts Australia has an excellent range of 40th birthday presents that will surprise, delight, and impress anyone observing their first 40 years of life. Scroll through our catalogue to find great gifts for every new 40 year old.

Gift Cards

A gift card for an amazing experience is a present that will make any 40 year old swell with excitement. The gift of a life experience is something that has the potential to create lasting memories, and who knows, it could even change someone's life forever.

Skydiving is a popular gift voucher to give for milestone birthdays. It's, for many, a once in a lifetime activity but for some, a life changing adventure. Anything that takes people out of their comfort zone and into a new world is the kind of gift perfect for a 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Men turning 40 may be hard to buy for, if you're not looking in the right places. Gifts Australia has countless 40th birthday gift ideas for men at every age. We understand that not just any gift will do for such a milestone as a 40th birthday. And of course, every man is different so we've created a catalogue of ideas to make the search easier.

Peruse our Grooming catalogue for ideas that will keep him looking and smelling his best. Our men's grooming ideas include leather travel kit bags, plush bathrobes, sweet smelling Eau de Toilette, shave kits, and aftershave lotions fir gifts for men in their 40s.

We know Australian men like to relax with a cool beverage at the end of a long day which is why we have a dedicated section for Beer, Wine, and Spirits. Pair a luxury bottle of French wine with a funny Bottomless Wine Glass for a mix of style and humour. Beer drinkers will be happy to receive the Beers of Australia Hamper which includes a selection of tasty snacks.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Finding the best gift for your loving wife can be challenging, but not at Gifts Australia. Our extensive range of gifts for women will make shopping for her 40th birthday easier than ever.

Firstly, think of all the things she likes but would never buy for herself. A 40th is a major milestone, and one to be celebrated with gifts that spoil her and make her feel loved, cared for, and seen. Just anything won't do. Choose something that says you know her tastes, and you've been listening to her wants and needs.

Wives love to be pampered, especially on their birthdays. For this reason, a gift hamper with tongue-tingling champagne, sweet treats, and luxurious skincare will let her know that she deserves to take it easy and relax on her special day. Pair this with a gift certificate for a massage or a float tank experience and you'll have winning gift for her.

A gift of stylish jewellery is a cherished gift for your wife on her birthday. Choose something timeless and classic such as a charm or a gold necklace personalised with her name or initials. For fashion-loving wives, a monogramed leather clutch or designer handbag will have her thrilled to bits.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Buying your sister an incredible 40th is a must and at Gifts Australia, we've done the hard work for you. We've collected a huge range of gifts for women that will make them feel loved and appreciated after 40 years of life.

Take our range of gift hampers, for instance. An exquisite hamper with a luxury bottle of bubbly champagne says 'you're a star and you deserve the very best on your 40th birthday'. Our Jurlique Pure Indulgence Hamper not only includes a delightful bottle of Moet & Chandon, but also tasty treats and divine skincare that your sister will be thrilled to receive.

Another idea for your sister's birthday is an experience that you can share together. Consider a gift voucher for a day out sampling gourmet food in the Adelaide Hills or a pasta making class on the Morning Peninsula. A gift of an amazing experience will bring a thousand smiles and even more lasting memories.

What is a good amount for a 40th birthday gift card?

Choosing the amount of a 40th birthday gift card depends on your budget for gifts. If giving a dollar amount gift voucher, think about a few items the recipient may want to buy. If you know they want an item that costs $100, a $100 gift card is generous. And you won't have to worry about them paying for shipping because all orders over $99 at Gifts Australia include free delivery Australia wide.

Instant gift vouchers from Gifts Australia are available in amounts ranging from $50 to $500. Whichever voucher your budget allows will be received with appreciation and love. And best thing is they'll be delivered straight to the recipient's inbox.

What are some good 40th birthday gift ideas for men who have everything?

Gifts Australia offers so many incredible 40th birthday present ideas for men who seem to have everything. The key is to know their interests well and understand what makes them smile.

Foodie men will enjoy creating delicious dishes with the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set that allows them to smoke fish and meats in just two minutes! Even men who have it all probably won't have this ingenious kitchen gadget.

Other gift ideas for men who have everything are novelty gifts; something that will make them laugh out loud. The 40th birthday wine bottle glass holds an entire bottle of wine (or whichever drink they decide to fill it with) and says '40 - Wine improves with age, I improve with wine'. Pair this with a luxury wine hamper and you've got a pretty impressive 40th birthday gift.

Giving a gift voucher experience that a new 40 year old has always wanted to try is another way of getting around the 'he has everything' dilemma. Ask questions in everyday conversation to sneakily find out what he's always wanted to do but hasn't. Skydiving, surf lessons, an aerobatic scenic flight, and race care driving are popular experiences to give men on their 40th birthday.

What can be the best gift for the 40th birthday for my wife?

The best gift for your wife on her 40th birthday is something that you've put some thought into. Spoiling your wife on her birthday is a gesture to be heartfelt and thoughtful. And 40 is a big milestone and perfect reason to pamper her.

Wives adore a gift that has been chosen especially with her in mind. Gifts Australia has a stunning collection of jewellery gifts that will cause her heart to flutter at the very sight. Take the Drop Jewellery Set with Crystals From Swarovski®, for instance. The gorgeous crystal droplet earrings and matching necklace are a balanced mix of classic and contemporary design. Your wife will look and feel stylish and elegant wearing this beautiful set to a romantic dinner or to the office.

More generous gift ideas that will let your wife know just how much you love her include a luxury gift hamper with champagne, a gift voucher for a relaxing massage, or a premium helicopter scenic flight over the city.

What should I gift my sister on her 40th birthday?

Of course you want to acknowledge your sister's 40th year with the very best gift that will make her feel wonderfully loved. Gifts Australia understands how important it is to find the best present for your sister, which is why we stock so many 40th birthday gifts.

Life experiences are more than a gift, they're a means to happiness. It's hard not to see beaming smiles on the face of a first-time skydiver or someone tasting premium wine in a beautiful vineyard. Gifts Australia has a lot of gift vouchers to choose from that will be perfect for your sister.

For a gift that your sister can hold and cherish, consider a delicate piece of jewellery with her name or initials engraved. A humours gift such as the 'Older But Not Wiser' book that pokes fun at her age will offer laughter and smiles every time she reads it.

40th Birthday Ideas For 2024 Available At Gifts Australia (2024)
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